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So many people have no true understanding of what virtual school has meant for the parent managing virtual school or for the children who are attending full-time virtual school. This is not homeschooling because there are no resources. I cannot take my kids to a learning lab at Discovery World to learn with other homeschooled children. This is virtual school during a pandemic and it is killing our souls, our futures, and our love of learning.

I am writing this partly in response to conversations I’ve had with teachers and others who, to my surprise, have a very shallow understanding…

I want to write about how people treat each other and how put-downs and negative talk, no matter the intention, are detrimental to children. Quite frankly adults would also do better with more encouragement, embracing of our ideas, no matter how unfleshed out they may be at first. But for children, a developmentally ill timed statement about their wanting to be a country western movie star, or an astronaut, no matter how seemingly absurd the dream, is detrimental to a child’s process of becoming a complete-feeling person.

Seriously, at such young, inexperienced ages, why are adults always trying to bring…

Another day of virtual school with my precious twin boys during which, I was at home managing snacks, schedules and instruction, while simultaneously watching life pass me by. I’ve always been a cup half full sort of person, but for the first time my mojo was seriously failing me.

Before the pandemic I had moved my fledgling small media business from New York to Milwaukee with my family and what I thought was a tough market, was looking impenetrable, but I had a plan. Then the pandemic hit and my three kiddos were at home all-the-time. …

I don’t think I’ve always been a good parent — certainly not perfect. I’ve had to read books on raising kids to learn alternative methods of dealing with my kids besides threats and yelling. I’ve always wanted a deeper relationship with them, but not until now have I known how to give the time to have one. I have Covid-19 and the President’s poor response to the pandemic crisis to thank.

We are in phase 1 of virtual school. Each day I hope to be done by 3pm so that I can turn on my computer and edit the documentary…

Morgan Jones

Skeptical Punk

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